Monday, March 17, 2008

29.Science Exhibition

Andhra Loyola College (Autonomous) has organized a two days Exhibition on 1st and 2nd February 2008.All the Departments are actively participated well with their eye catching exhibits.
List of Exhibits

Ø Cultivation of viruses in embryonated eggs
Ø Home medicine
Ø Nutritive value of different foods
Ø Evolution of heart
Ø Nutrient transport
Ø Blood circulation
Ø Global warming
Ø Types of media
Ø Phloem function model
Ø Tissues
Ø Mitosis
Ø Pyramid
Ø Deforestation
Ø Bio-remediation
Ø Wood anatomy
Ø Insectivores plants
Ø Crop diversity in India
Ø Drip irrigation
Ø Pollution
Ø Bonsai
Ø Seri culture
Ø Tissue culture
Ø Medicinal plants
Ø Bio-fertilizers
Ø Hypersensitivity
Ø Sanitary analysis
Ø Action of venom on central nervous system
Ø Medical microbiology
Ø Bread preparation
Ø Xerophytic garden
Ø t-RNA structure
Ø Micro propagation
Ø Human genome project
Ø Normal flora of human body
Ø Home medicines
Ø Global warming
Ø Paper industry
Ø Pollution
Ø Fossils
Ø Herbal medicines
Ø Mush room cultivation
Ø Fruit world
Ø Nanotechnology
Ø Stem cell model
Ø PCR model
Ø Dairy products
Ø Flower show
Ø Natural dyes
Ø Solar system
Ø Blood circulatory system
Ø Hydrophytes
Ø Different types f Microscopes
Ø DNA modelNucleosome model

The Department of Botany and Microbiology especially gave a spectacular performance right on this platform by acquiring the best of the best award of the entire exhibition. Each and ever student presented the exhibits with their unique talents. Students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year batches from degree made a total of 62 exhibits.

Among all the exhibits dept presented an eye catching exhibits like Fruit world in which nearly 180 varieties of rare fruits are displayed. Another imp Exhibits are Mushroom cultivation, Sericulture, Bonsai, Medicinal plants and Herbal products are displayed.
Mitosis and various stages, Tissues Types of Wood, Insectivores plants, Deforestation, Bio remediation, Nutrient values of vegetables, Paper making and recycling of waste
The Micro biology students presented their models, among them the imp models are Active electron transport in plants, Evolution of the heart, DNA structure, RNA structure, immune system, Immunoglobin structure, Virus cultivation, Automatic nervous system, protein synthesis, nucleosome model , Human genome project, HIV structure, Normal flora of Human body.
Among all the exhibits from both Botany and Microbiology disciplines Automatic nervous system stood first in the department. Paper making and recycling (a working model) stood as the best among the whole college and pulled the department to its unique heights.

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